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I really should not be surprised when honest-to-god communists thread-jack every goddamn thing to make it about them, right? It's just that I've never once met an actual communist who wasn't also a self centered jackass. 90% of the time, it's reasonable "capitalism sucks" talk, which I mostly agree with, and then it veers into HUGE FUCKING SEXIST, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC CRAP about how there's no difference between Obama and Pat Buchanan because they both support capitalism. As if capitalism was THE ONLY PROBLEM IN THE UNIVERSE.

Dude, no, it's not. It's not the only cause of problems in the universe either. I know this because in communist countries, there are still problems, and when you no-true-Scotsman about those communist countries, I will dismiss you as a self centered prat who's more interested in winning an argument, and never brooking debate instead of treating you like a rational human being.

Extreme leftism is fucking embarrassing to leftists. And it's no surprise that communist states turn into totalitarian nightmares with representatives like the ones I see. The inability to see a difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party makes sense if you're a villager in Afghanistan, not if you're a straight white dude in America.

I'll listen to the first latino person, or feminist lesbian who tells me that Obama and Romney are pretty much the same. I'll politely ask if they think Romney's support of AZ's immigration policy and attacks on abortion rights are no different from Obamas, and how it can be that, if either of them are elected, nothing changes in those respects.

I accept that, capitalistically speaking, or militaristically speaking, Romney and Obama are not all that different. Just not on the other stuff.
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