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Journalist and activist Laurie Penny tweeted that I'd like to take this opportunity to call on all male journalists and bloggers to actively support women in their field and fight sexism.

This happened after a sexist leftist blogger posted one flattering article on a new-generation male leftist, and an article on Laurie that was demeaningly sexist:

On my darling @owenjones84, today- … - compare with this one on me, in 2010 -
[links compacted by me - safe I promise, except for blood pressure spike]

So how does one actively support women in your field and fight sexism? I've broken it down into three simple steps

Step One) Learn from actual feminists what sexism looks like (beware Mens Rights Activists, known as MRAs giving false information about sexism)

Step Two) Call out sexism when you see it, and let people being sexist know that sexism is not excusable, and that you won't tolerate it.

Step Three) Encourage others to do likewise

In case step two is difficult, here's Jay Smooth on calling out racist behavior. Consider modifying it to call out sexist behavior


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