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My company is hiring



We're looking for a developers, preferably iOS with Rails experience, an "operations associate" (Office manager ++), a content manager/business writer, and a customer service person. I get a bonus if I pass along a resume on someone who gets hired, so if you're looking for work, please apply.


Apr. 13th, 2012 10:21 am
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[ profile] princeofpeas is gonna love this one

Yesterday, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, just yesterday, rescued a neighbor from a burning building.
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My company is hiring for:

Senior iOS Developers
Java/Rails/willing to learn iOS engineers:

Sales and Marketing:
VP of Sales
Public Relations

Data Scientist
Customer care
Marketing manager

I get a bonus for anyone placed after 3 months. We're ShopKeep POS a growing excited company venture funded red hot startup doing exciting things in a field where, until recently, technology went to die. Point of sale may be prosaic, but looked at from another angle, it's the bones and sinew of the world economy, and we're making it better, stronger, faster, and we really care about and understand our customer base.

Know someone in NY who's looking for work? Know someone who's looking for work who might move to NY? Ping me.
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At long last, have you no decency? Or for that matter, brains? A sense of history? An electoral base not comprised of raving looneys?

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Apr. 11th, 2012 09:47 am
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It may well be that my local Inwood game has ground to a halt. I think distance, plus time, plus new baby for one of the participants , plus DM not rescheduling means we're meeting too infrequently to really sustain the thing. Which is a shame, I wanted to play in one of the newer D&D edition.

Are any of my local friends interested in having a game? I'd like to play something interesting here in Brooklyn, but don't want to DM/GM all the time, so I'd be happiest of there were someone running a game other than me who I could swap back and forth with. I was hoping to run something in The Dresden Files universe, and would be interested in playing D&D in some fantasy world, SF, Horror, or even an alternative urban fantasy game.

Local writers are especially invited to join, based on how much fun Myke Cole, Saladin Ahamed and others had playing "author D&D". If anyone feels a need to get old school, I have hardcovers of all of the 1'st edition rulebooks excepting the Krynn supplement, which I have in PDF. Yes, I even have the Cthulhu and Melenbonean mythos edition Deities and Demigods. Myself and [ profile] demonsismondo have an modified World of Greyhawk campaign that's been going on for more than two decades.

If you're local, or nonlocal, and still on the fence, tell me what it'd take to convince you. This can involve free beer, soda, chips, baked goods, or even cooked meals every now and again.
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If you're not up on, or interested in what right wing blogs talk about, this is going to be boring and/or nauseating. If you're not sure who John Derbyshire is, make sure you've had an antiemetic before reading him.

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So it settles in that I am apparently the one who cooks dinner in a household of two feminists, and one ally male. One of the non cis-male members of the household has been the one who's been doing all the house painting, and the other is the one who handles all the finances.

Also, I am taking today OFF! I've been really needing a restful weekend and a day off for a while, and [ profile] majes's visit is a perfect excuse. Also, we'll be having [ profile] lunatravels and Rrob visiting as well (inflatabed in the living room).

Yay. I expect a group outing for dinner on Saturday is more likely than me cooking for an extra 3 people, not that I mind it.
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There are a lot of bridges in the NYC area

I like walking across the GW bridge. It gives a good view of the palisades, and it's a fun walk back and forth. I've not walked across the Tappan Zee, or the Verezano Narrows bridge. I'm not sure if I can, but if I can, why not?

What I'd like to do is walk over all the walkable bridges over the course of the year. I'd like to take people with me on the journey. Who's interested?