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[ profile] scalzi's pet right wing troll "Scorpius" gets away with blatant anti-Muslim bigotry (seriously - women frequently stoned to death in Saudi Arabia for not wearing a hijab?) all the damn time basis, and hardly anyone bats an eye. It's like background noise. And this dude gets "penalty box" timeouts on a regular basis and keeps coming back.

It's revolting. And I don't want to be the one constantly pointing this troll out, because it just comes back, because it's ALLOWED to come back.

I am sick to death of people constantly telling me that Scalzi has a safe, friendly place. It's not. It's a place where blatant trolling is banned, but cute right wingers who John sorta likes get to stay around. And that's fine. It's John's place. But the next person who points out The Whatever as a good, well moderated place on the internet to me is going to get an earful about what total bullshit that is.

John is a great guy, but he's blind as a bat when to comes to certain bigotries, or he just tolerates them as long as the troll spewing them is someone he like, or is entertained by, or something.

I no longer have the will to get into fights over there. I'd like to get into discussions, the way we do over at TNC's place, but comments like that are like a pile of racist crap in the middle of a dinner party. Easy to ignore if racism isn't directed at you, or yours. Not so much for me.
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