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Things have been splendid. The weather is typically british for this time of year - rainy and chilly with bouts of sun. I've hiked over good sized sections of the country, had tasty food, meet and stayed with lovely people - [ profile] djm4, [ profile] lizw [ profile] grahamsleight, [ profile] fjm, [ profile] yoyoangel and several others I'm not remembering the LJ for (but say hi and I'll edit you in!)

I also bought a nice coat from Cro'Jack, a schmancy British designer, which was on sale at T.K. Maxx (which is known in the US as PJ Maxx). Horray for Off-Label stores! Much thanks to [ profile] yoyoangel for suggesting that I check at that place.

It's tempting to go back there before we leave. I saved £135.00! That's like the price of another jacket. I could buy another jacket with what I saved! I am possibly happier than I ought to be with this coat, but it's the one thing I really wanted on this vacation specific to me, and I got it.

[ profile] rosefox has had a cold that I suspect my immune system simply ate and and disposed of. I practiced the "I can't possibly be sick" school of denial-as-wellness, and it worked. Or something. She also had an unfortunate reaction to guaifenesin, and is having a nap now.

Early tomorrow, we leave for Paris on the Eurostar, which should be very exciting. I want to eat in a French cafe that is full of polished brass, art deco fixtures, and art deco script on the awning on front.
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